At Crispy Falafel, we strive to offer our clients healthy & homemade Special culinary creations for every day.  The benefits of Mediterranean food is often in the news.  There is an important trend to follow this diet as a life style to achieve optimum health.  At Crispy Falafel, we are proud to bring these benefits to our customers through authentic Mediterranean cuisine, fresh vegetables & ingredients.  Although the Mediterranean diet has existed for centuries, people in the western world are starting to discover it and enjoy the healthy benefits that come with it.

Sizzlers & Meats
Vegan & Vegetarian
Salads & Sides
Ready to explore our Mediterranean grill fiesta?
Enjoy our healthy, unique and delicious recipes using ethically sourced meat and infused with maximum flavours
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Looking for Veggie options?
Try our homemade vegan & vegetarian flavors for your optimum pleasure
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Looking for light choices?
Indulge in our healthy salad & light sides.
Choose any item on the menu and ask us to make it gluten free!
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