Testimonials of our Guests

“Great Shawarma with a decent portion of lamb and good flavour”

Albert S.

 “Crispy Falafel is my favourite place to eat in South Surrey. Chicken Shawarma wrap or plate is my go-to… Falafel and Chicken Arabi Dish are great as well.”

Michael M.

Falafels are top-notch, they take a bit of time as they’re freshly fried, but “your patience will be rewarded”. Wraps and plates are all delicious as well, a great place for shawarmas.

Travis M.

I love whatever Crispy Falafel they use to season their chicken in, it makes the donair unique

J Chang


Crispy Falafel is Astonishingly clean… even better than Shawarmas from Lebanon itself. The food is delicious and fresh. I love this place.

Hicham ZA

Very good shawarma!!

Aula A.


Exceptionally delicious Lebanese-style shawarma with an even more delicious Greek salad. The place was lined up to the door so I almost didn’t wait. I am sure glad I did.

James M.

Delicious tabbouleh! Very fresh! Delicious gyro- whether you get lamb, chicken, or beef.
The staff is very polite, helpful and friendly!

Leila L.

Love this place. Excellent Chicken Shawarma. I go there almost once a week. Great food and reasonable prices. A great combination.

Robert R.

I really like this place! The portions are big and the food is really tasty. All in all really good spot and worth the wait when you do have to wait.

Sara S.

Been here so many times because it has been hard to find good Shawarma without getting ripped off. The spices on their Shawarma are authentic. Their fries have seasoning salt on them to give your pallet a kick.

Jason T

This is a cute little place!! Don’t judge or drive by this place! I ordered the chicken shawarma and saw the lady load the take out dish with freshly made hummus, rice chicken etc. you’ve gotta eat here!!!

Michelle W.

Love this place! I’m vegetarian and I always get the eggplant wrap which is so tasty. Delicious sauces combined to give it the most amazing taste. My husband usually gets chicken wraps and loves them too. We always get “everything” on them (i.e.: pickles, onions, hot sauce etc.). We used to go into Van to get good Mediterranean food but we’re happy we discovered Crispy Falafel about a year ago.

Kelly B

I discovered this place a couple of months ago and it’s one of my favourite Mediterranean places in North America. The shawarma is my favourite, kofta also is very good. Efficient staff and clean restaurant

Nermeen W.

I have tried their chicken and beef sandwich (shawarma sandwich) and it is really tasty. They are not expensive at all. Very good customer service. Very nice and clean atmosphere.

David G.

I have eaten at dozens of shawarma restaurants in Vancouver and in the Surrey area. Out of all of them, Crispy Falafel is by far the best from the friendly staff to the quality and flavour of their food. I have to try the signature dish at every new restaurant I dine at. The chicken Shawarma wrap or plate is so incredibly tasty my mouth waters just thinking about it. The price of the food is cheap to reasonable. Nothing on the menu is really expensive. But honestly, if the price of everything went up a dollar or two I would still eat there. Highly recommended. Give them a try if you haven’t already!

Tom E.